Professor Michael Tiwanak began his training in the art of Kenpo at the very young age of 5.  He was taught the very basics from his father, Professor Marino Tiwanak, and was groomed at a very young age about the lineage of of Kenpo in Hawaii.

Because Professor Mike was usually in the company of his Father, He came to meet many of the Kenpo legends as well as other great martial artists while growing up.  Because the main branch under Professor Marino only accepted adults, at the age of 6, Professor Marino Tiwanak enrolled  his son in the Junior Division of the C.H.A.3 System under first generation black belt instructor Edward Wallace to start his formal training.

In 1967, Professor Marino Tiwanak began to accept junior students to his class and transferred his son Mike to the main branch under his direct supervision.  In 1973, Mike Tiwanak received his black belt in the C.H.A.3 Kenpo System.  In 1982, Mike attained the rank of Chief Instructor.  In 1991, Professor Marino Tiwanak laid the basis for the future of the Central Hawaiian Activities 3 Kenpo Association by promoting his son Mike to the rank of Assistant Professor, which is the second highest rank attainable within the C.H.A.3 System.

After the passing of Professor Marino Tiwanak on July 29, 1998, Mike Tiwanak was presented with the Professorship Certificate, and Professor's Belt, that his father had prepared and signed for him eight years earlier.

His certificate was signed by Professor Marino Tiwanak and six of the C.H.A.3 Kenpo Systems most senior Chief Instructors.  His promotion took place on December 12, 1998, at the annual C.H.A.3 Christmas Party that was held at Aloha Stadium, and attended by over 500 guests.

Professor Mike stated that he has trained under many C.H.A.3 Chief Instructors and Instructors, but only has one Professor.  Professor Marino Tiwanak!

Professor Mike would like to recognize and show the proper respect to the following C.H.A.3 Instructors that were a big part of his life, and who were very influential in his Kenpo upbringing.  First and foremost, Professor Marino Tiwanak, Instructor Edward Wallace, Assistant Professor Smiley Espaniola, Assistant Professor Frank Suan, Chief Instructor Jaime Abregano Sr., Chief Instructors Soloman and Benjamin Lagrimas, Senior Chief Instructor Don Abregano, Senior Chief Instructor Jack Pearce, Chief Instructor Warlito Querebin, Instructor Chaz Querebin, Instructors Robert and Rodney Aspera, Instructor Don Ahia, Instructor Deodado "Dado" Lucena, Instructor Lucy Aspera, Instructor Patsy Reyes, Instructor Charlotte Lee, Instructor Mel Puaoi, and the rest of the Central Hawaiian Activities 3 Kenpo Ohana!

Professor Mike has two sons that actively study the art and history of C.H.A.3 Kenpo.  Tazmon "Taz" Tiwanak, and Bronson Tiwanak.

Professor Mike also had the pleasure of meeting the following Hawaii Kenpo Legends:  Professor William "Thunderbolt" Chow and his son Steven Chow, Grandmaster Adriano Emperado, Master "Brother" Abraham Kamahoahoa, Professor Sid Asuncion, Professor Walter L.N. Godin, Professor Martin Buell, Professor Alfred Delacruz, Professor Jerry Yuson, Professor Sonny Gascon, Professor Tony Ramos, Professor Sixto Ramos, Instructor Dennis Sabala, and Master Ike Kaawa, to name a few.

Professor Mike Tiwanak is an 18 year veteran of the Honolulu Police Department, with nine years of service with the Honolulu Police Department's "Specialized Services Division" or HPD "Swat Team".  Professor Mike is currently assigned to the Patrol Division in Kalihi, Hawaii.

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