Mike Tiwanak being passed his father's kenpo association on December 12, 1998.  Senior Chief Instructor Don Abregano passes the Professor's belt while C.H.A.3 Chief Instructors and Black Belts witness the passing of the torch.

There have been people who have claimed to receive a Professor's rank from Professor Marino Tiwanak under the C.H.A.3 Kenpo System.  Those claims are false due to the fact that there has only been one Professor in the C.H.A.3 Kenpo System, and that rank was held in very high regard by Professor Tiwanak as the highest rank in Kenpo.

The Professorship rank in Hawaii's kenpo circle was reserved for the leader or founder of a system. For the C.H.A.3 Kenpo Association, it was Professor Marino Tiwanak, until his passing in 1998.  That tradition will continue with Professor Marino Tiwanak's son.  The rank of Professor will continue to be the highest rank within the C.H.A.3 Kenpo System as it was for all kenpo systems in Hawaii.

No other person, be it outside the system, or an ex-C.H.A.3 member, can produce an authentic  signed and sealed certificate from Professor Marino Tiwanak promoting them to the rank of "Professor".  Professor Tiwanak signed only one Professorship certificate before his passing for his son Michael, and even then he had six of his senior Chief Instructors sign as witnesses.

Professor Marino Tiwanak also had a strict rule of not signing certificates for, or promoting anyone outside of his own organization.  Professor Tiwanak also did not promote anyone to Professor under any other organization.  As his instructors and friends in the martial arts community know, Professor Tiwanak did not believe in in such ranks as Master, Grandmaster, or Great Grandmaster.  He stated that these ranks never existed throughout his years in the martial arts in Hawaii, and that all heads of systems leading back to James Mitose utilized the title of "Professor".

Professor Tiwanak stated that titles such as "Grandmaster" began showing up after the deaths of some of the "senior kenpo instructors" in Hawaii, and after the art of kenpo spread to the U.S. mainland.  Professor Tiwanak was very open about this subject and discussed it with many martial artist outside his system. 

Professor Tiwanak also stated that the three main colors of Kenpo are:  "WHITE", which stands for purity.  "BLACK", which stands for knowledge.  And "RED", which stands for leadership!  Professor Tiwanak made sure that only these three colors appeared on his C.H.A.3 Brotherhood Association Patches.

Professor Tiwanak's system also stresses the importance of family and comraderie among instructors and all members.  Many instructors and Chief instructors are considered "family " by the C.H.A.3 Clan, and anyone who has been associated to or close to the C.H.A.3 can attest to that fact!  Professor Tiwanak's system teaches each student the basic elements of self-defense which are SPEED, BALANCE, POWER, DISCIPLINE, and COORDINATION through kenpo training.  The training will also instill CONFIDENCE and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE in each student.  Beginners are given personal attention, but are expected to perform when reaching the upper ranks.  The main focus of the C.H.A.3 system is self-defense, a trait that we pride ourselves on.  Through strong basics, and solid street self-defense training, all other facets of training fall into place.  The belt system utilized within the C.HA.3 system is almost the same as the system brought to Hawaii in the 1930's.  All belts within the system have to be earned through hard training, good attendance, the willingness to learn, and the ability to perfect the training offered.  That in itself is a True Tradition!

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