In a world of martial arts that is fast paced, the C.H.A.3 System is about tradition!  The traditions that were carried by Professors James Mitose, William K.S. Chow, Adriano Emperado, Woodrow McCandless, Joe Emperado, and of course Professor Marino Tiwanak, will always be held in high regard by all members of the C.H.A.3 Kenpo Association instructors and members.

Though other systems of Kenpo may have changed, the C.H.A.3 system adheres to all the old traditions that were strictly taught by Professor Tiwanak.  All C.H.A.3 students begin their training using the traditional white gi, which represents purity.  All black gi's, representing knowledge, are reserved for the Black Belts, and Chief Instructors.

All certified instructors under the C.H.A.3 System have all risen up the ranks starting from white belt, and have spent years training within the system.  The system boasts Chief Instructors who have over 50 years within the system and are still actively participating in C.H.A.3 functions today!  All instructors possess instructor's certificates signed by the Professor of the C.H.A.3 Association, as well as being signed by their immediate instructor.

Professor Tiwanak's Central Hawaiian Activities 3 Kenpo Brotherhood Association is one of the oldest Kenpo organizations, and one of the last to link itself to the days of true tradition and honor in existence worldwide, and because of Professor Tiwanak's strict link to the original days of tradition and honor, no instructor within the system has been taken from another style as a black belt and allowed to carry that rank into the C.H.A.3  System.  Any black belt instructor who did not have direct lineage to the C.H.A.3 System, and has had the desire to join the system, has started in the system as a white belt.

This process of not accepting black belts outside the C.H.A.3 System was strictly enforced by Professor Marino Tiwanak who stated that "allowing black belts from other systems or styles to enter the C.H.A.3 Kenpo System at their present ranks would not be allowed out of respect to their instructors, and also in respect to my students who have trained many years within my system."


All Chief Instructors within the system wear a thick white "sash" or belt that represents the most senior and loyal instructors in the system.  A testament to the years of dedication that must be endured before receiving such a rank, is  evident in the ages of the Chief Instructors within the system.

Once one reaches the rank of Chief Instructor, more than twenty years of their life have been spent in the system, and the likelihood of leaving the C.H.A.3 System is highly improbable!  All Chief Instructors are well respected within the C.H.A.3 System and are always looked to for leadership within the system.


C.H.A.3 members take a photo in San Diego.

 Because of the amount of time required to rise to the rank of Chief Instructor, there are only a handful of Chief Instructors within the system.  Each Chief Instructor is recognized by his seniority, measured by years in the system. 

At one time, all Chief Instructor belts were personally sewn by Professor Marino Tiwanak himself!  Professor Marino Tiwanak has been credited by many in the martial arts world as continuing the true line of Kenpo as was taught in Hawaii many years ago.  He has made little changes to the "hard" style he once trained in, and that style is very evident today.

His instructor's still carry on the tradition of developing one's mind and body, and it is not unusual to see hard body contact during training sessions at the C.H.A.3 schools or instructors and high ranking students with developed hands and calloused knuckles.  The hard contact, combined with a rigid, strict, and tense training atmosphere, has allowed only the most dedicated, mentally and physically tough adult students to attain the rank of black belt.

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